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Air Conditioning Services Sale


Plus Tax

Service includes:

Visually inspect conditions on AC venting, AC temperature, control buttons, AC hoses, AC drive belt, system pressure, compressor and clutch function and condenser. Pressurized AC system to detect if compressor clutch kicks on and also if system is leaking. Leak inspection is limited to: checking on AC service valves and other easily accessible hoses and joints. (Replacement of service valve, if leaking, are extra, $28.99 per set, no extra labor charge). If further inspection/detection is needed, a further diagnostic service will be recommended for approval. If pressure test does not indicate system leaking,  we will proceed to evacuate AC system using our A/C service machine, add refrigerant and compressor oil per factory specifications for optimal cooling. After recharge, we will check final system pressure and A/C performance.

Price includes up to 2 lb of freon/refrigerant. Extra freon will be charged at $40 per lb.

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